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Slatwall Board

  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
  • Slatwall Board
Slatwall BoardSlatwall BoardSlatwall BoardSlatwall BoardSlatwall BoardSlatwall BoardSlatwall Board

Slatwall Board

  • Product description: Slatwall Board

Certificate: CE,CARB,ISO9000,ISO14001, CARB P2 ,FSC
Formaldehyde release: E2,E1
1.Product Name:Slatwall board
Slatwall is also referred to as slat wall, slot wall, slotwall, slat board, slot board, display wall, and groove wall.
Slatwall is a panel wall material widely used in retail stores to display products and merchandise. Slatwall has routed grooves (or slots) to allow for placement for hooks, brackets and displays. The slatwall panel itself is made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This is a high quality engineered timber product made with hardwood/softwood fibers.
2.Standard size:
1220x2440mm also named Horizontal slatwall;
2440x1220mm  also named Vertical slatwall;
4.Material/density: MDF,720-750kg/m3
5.End side half groove: 1220mm high by 2440mm wide slatwall panel has a ½ groove at the top and bottom to allow the panels to be installed one above another without a seam.
6.Groove styles: ellipse,rectangle,trapezoid or as requested
7.Insert: aluminum bar,PVC bar
8.Groove interval: 65mm,90mm,140mm,190mm,280mm,or customized
9.Surface:  texture,matt,embossed,shining,raw,wave,flowertype
10.Surface laminate materials: mealamine paper,PVC,acrylic sheet,HPL,UV,aluminum sheet,etc,more than 300 designs

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